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Cozumel temperature and Weather

Cozumel weatherMany of us say "Always Hot" when asked about the weather in Cozumel. That is what the weather is like most of the year around this island. With a subtropical climate the average temperature is about 27°C - 80°F, and because Cozumel is surrounded by water the climate is always humid often around 90%. But we can say normally all year long you will be able to find sunny days with the usually warm waters .

Cozumel weather offers the perfect to enjoy the Caribbean with many options of tours in Cozumel, activities and excursions such as snorkel, fishing, diving, kayak and much more

During the spring we get warm waters and very little rain, and nights can get a little bit cool. The summer in Cozumel is very hot, and sometimes you will get some heavy rains in the afternoon after the warm day. The water is warm and very clear and the sun will go down around 8 or even 9 PM.

The fall season is when we are most likely to get some tropical storms, but when that does not occur the days are usually warm and sunny. In winter (November, December and January) is the time of the year where the coolest days are found, BUT REMEMBER THAT A VERY COLD DAY FOR US AVERAGES 54 °F

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Average Temperature Table of Cozumel.

Month Temperature F ° Temperature C °
January 74° 23°
February 75° 23°
March 78° 25°
April 80° 26°
May 82° 27°
June 84° 29°
July 84° 29°
August 84° 29°
September 83° 28°
October 81° 27°
November 78° 25°
December 76° 24°